Lifeline Syria Cape Breton represents the desire of many individuals and organizations across Cape Breton to organize a strong and coordinated response to the Syrian refugee crisis.

We believe we have both a responsibility and the capacity to respond to this crisis. We aspire to settle many Syrians in Cape Breton over the coming years.

Our objectives are as follows:

Advocacy: to advocate for increased settlement targets and improved settlement processes for Syrian refugees wishing to come to Canada.

Information: to share information on the Syrian refugee crisis and efforts to welcome Syrian refugees with the local Cape Breton community.

Fundraise: to gather together the financial resources that will be required to sponsor and settle a significant number of Syrian refugees in Cape Breton.

Sponsor: to enable and assist other community groups and organizations interested in sponsoring Syrians in their journey to Cape Breton.

You can also keep up to date on the work of Lifeline Syria Cape Breton through our Facebook page.

The short video below provides an informative overview of the refugee crisis.