Financial Guidelines

Lifeline Syria Cape Breton raises money to support the work of: community groups sponsoring refugees, organizations and individuals who assist refugees, advocates on behalf of refugees, and, those who promote the profile of Cape Breton as a welcoming community.

Lifeline Syria Cape Breton is not the prime funder of sponsored families, but may assist such groups who face fund-raising challenges.

Lifeline Syria Cape Breton will consider extraordinary requests for individual refugee support where exceptional circumstances related to medical, employment or family events warrant consideration.

Lifeline Syria Cape Breton may reimburse expenses for services provided to refugee families that otherwise would not be covered under sponsorship agreements where these services assist in settlement.

Lifeline Syria Cape Breton will reimburse volunteer members expenses incurred while performing duties required for the operation of the society. It will also reimburse New Dawn Enterprises for any direct and explicit administrative costs incurred at the request of the Society.

Where prior approval has been provided, Lifeline Syria Cape Breton may administer funds related to fund-raising activities.

Lifeline Syria Cape Breton will disperse funds where the expenditure has been approved by a majority of the Executive of the Society, or in the case above, in accordance with the directions of the organizers.

Funds shall be released by a cheque authorized by two approved signing officers.

Monies held by Lifeline Syria Cape Breton shall be maintained at the Sydney Credit Union. Administrative support will be provided by New Dawn Enterprises.

Quarterly revenue and expense reports will be presented to the society by the treasurer.

The society will adopt a fiscal year ending December 31st. An audit review will be performed annually.

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